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SK Fishing regulations apply.

Amisk Lake ( Beaver Lake )
Amisk (or "Beaver" in Cree), our lake is approximately 48 Km in length by 26 kms across. The lake depth ranges from shallow bays to 40 metres. Everyone can find their favorite fishing spot with over 350 sq. km of water and 695 Islands . The lake is well known for Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch and Whitefish.

Mosher Lake
A picturesque lake is approximately 6.5 kms in length and almost 1 km wide. The lake has 15 islands and reaches depths of over 33 metres. There are plenty of Northern Pike, Walleye and perch in this lake.

These are great lake for winter ice fishing too!

Northern Gateway Museum

Located on Moody Drive in Denare Beach, it is open July to early September.  Museum features First Nations, fur trading and mining artifacts and crafts; birch bark bitings by Angelique Merasty, furnishings from the early settlers of the 1950s, articles found by Henry Moody in 1953 at Fort Henry site, Amisk Lake. Discovery Day takes place in Jul.  Call 362-2141 for more information.

Beaver City

Located at the end of Hwy 167. 
Saskatchewan 's first gold rush started in 1913 when Tom Creighton discovered gold on Amisk Lake. Eager prospectors quickly established Beaver City near the Hudson Bay Post and warehouse on the south shore of the lake. Kate Rice, one of Canada 's earliest female prospectors began her career at Beaver City.

At it's height Beaver City included Federal Government Ranger Station and fire tower, Revlon Frere's Trading Post, Hayes Boarding house, Royal Northwest Mounted Police Post and Colette's Boat Ferrying service.

With the onset of WW 1, interest in gold waned as demand for copper increased significantly. By 1918 most inhabitants had left Beaver City for nearby Flin Flon, where copper was discovered in 1915.

Beaver City quickly became a ghost town, never to recover.

Limestone Crevices

The limestone crevices are a spectacular natural feature of the area. They are located approximately 15.2 km south of Denare Beach on Highway 167, an unmarked road will be on the right. (If you get to Meridian Creek, you have gone too far.) The road will lead to a place to park and follow the trail east a short distance to the crevices.

Please be extremely careful when exploring the crevices, watch and supervise your pets & children closely. 
Please remember to respect the natural beauty of this area and take all garbage with you.

These crevices occur in carbonate rock that is part of the Ted River Formation, deposited on the Canadian Shield during the Ordovician period 500 to 440 million years ago. The crevices are recent features, formed since the glaciers from the last ice age receded from the area about 10,000 years ago. Water percolates along thin cracks in the rock. As water freezes, it expands. The repeated expansion of ice during the freeze-thaw cycle in fall and spring forces the joints to expand, wedging the rocks apart and eventually forming the crevices. The crevices range from up to 12 metres (40 ft.) deep. Even in the summer, you can look down and see snow or ice at the bottom of some of the deeper crevices.

Canoe Saskatchewan

Route 14
Maligne Lake (Kilometre 275 Hanson Lake Road) - Sturgeon-Weir River - Amisk Lake - Denare Beach 
Click here

Route 41
Missi Island Loop on Amisk Lake 
Click here

Route 44
Amisk Lake - Sturgeon-Weir River - Namew Lake - Cumberland House 
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Go for a Swim

Situated at the north end of the village, our Main Beach is the perfect place to dig your toes in the sand and soak up some sun or cool off with a jump in the lake.  With a playground for the kids and the Sandcastle Concession for a bite to eat, it is a great way to spend a lazy summer day.

Go for a Hike (or a Ski)
Follow our ski trails all year for a quiet stroll through the towering jack pine forest on the Precambrian Shield.  The rock formations are a reflection of the earth’s changing geological and climatic environment over a 4.5 billion year history. 

Looking for a stroll along the lake? We have you covered.  Starting at the Main Beach (by the boathouses) our lakeshore trail continues winds along the edge of Amisk Lake.
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Big Island Drive In Theater
Big Island Lake - 10 kms South of Flin Flon on MB Highway #10.
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