News & Updates

Winter is coming!
Now is a great time of year to check your smoke detectors and ensure your chimney is clean.

When cleaning up leaves in your yard, please bag and take to the dump - burning leaves is not permitted within the Village.

  1. October 10th
    Youth Drop In
    Youth Drop In begins on October 10th, 2019 at the Denareplex for children ages 6-17. **All Children MUST have a signed registration form in order to attend** Registration Night - October 7th 7:00pm at the Denareplex.
  2. October 6-12
    Fire Prevention Week
    Bring the kids to the Fire Hall Wednesday, October 9th to meet the fire department members, learn fire safety and go for a fire truck ride!
  3. November 17
    Fall Supper
    Tickets will become available in October for our delicious Fall Supper! We need a few volunteers for prep work beforehand. If you can spare an afternoon, please call the Rec Office 306-362-2050.